Saturday, May 31, 2008

Barack Can’t Be Trusted With The Free World

There is a test of will underway and Obama is failing. Hillary is fighting for delegates from Florida and Michigan to be seated at the Democrat National Convention, while Barrack Hussein-Chamberlain Obama is appeasing her.

No Florida or Michigan delegates, pledged or super, under any circumstances should be seated. If any are it will because Clinton, an overbearing dominatrix, bullied, Obama, an incompetent weakling. Both those two states broke the rules of the Democrat Party, they knew they were breaking them beforehand, and they pre-meditatively did it anyway. This formula sounds exactly like what our next president will be facing with the likes of North Korea, Iran, Syria, Libya, Venezuela, the PLO and other rogue states joining the axis of evil.

If Barry can’t handle tough-cookie-Hillary, what can we expect from him in dealing with dictators-intent-on-killing-us like axis of evil pals Kim Jung Ill, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Bashar al-Assad? Not to mention their groupies Muammar Qadhafi and Hugo Chavez?

Well, actually we know, because he told us. He will sit down and have open and honest dialogue with each of them. After those meetings he might sponsor a Malta-like convention where the post 9-11 world can be divided up between the dictators, in return for which Barack may promise that our carbon emissions will be reduced and he will sign into law a Global Poverty Tax against the United States, to be administered by the United Nations.

Some people in the world only understand strength and force. Clinton is one of them. She will continue to push with whatever means are necessary to have all the delegates from Florida and Michigan seated with full votes. This fight will not end today, but will go on all the way to their convention. After all she did win both states, so she has an argument.

Obama should argue that none of them should be seated, but he won’t. Instead he will give as many votes away that he has to without getting behind on the count. A little like Chamberlain giving away Czechoslovakia as long as Hitler promised not to attack England.

But there won’t be peace in the D-Party, until Clinton wins, or she is forced to surrender unconditionally. She won’t quit, and she should not be expected to. If she keeps fighting she could actually win. . . that is, as long as Obama lets her break the rules.

The “peace” conference to resolve the fate of Florida and Michigan is happening today. There are various proposals on the table. Clinton wants all of them seated. Obama is willing to let half from each state be seated, or all of them with only half a vote each. Hillary cannot go with either of Barry’s proposals, because if she does, she will be conceding defeat. Obama cannot go with hers because if he does, she will take the lead.

But all of this is beside the point. The point is that Barack “Barry” Hussein Obama should be demanding that none of them be seated. After all, he followed the rules, and she didn’t and isn’t. He didn’t campaign in Florida and he actually took his name off the ballot in Michigan, because both states were breaking the rules. Fair is fair, rules are rules, the law is the law. But he won’t stand up to her and demand enforcement of the rules. Why not? Because he is not a strong leader. He is overly concerned about the backlash from Florida and Michigan voters against him in November. . . he shouldn’t be.

The media will continue to portray him as a savior, and if he acts strong, they will help Democrat Floridians and Michiganites understand that Hillary, good-riddance, is a cheater, and he is a man of character. That would be leadership. But Barack is not a leader. Rather he is a Chamberlain politician – gutless, finger in the wind, and concerned only with getting elected and re-elected.

Tough adversaries roll over people like that. Hillary will fight to the end whether the D-Party suffers or not. Tough enemies like Jung Ill, Ahmadinejad and Assad are worse by far. With them we are talking nukes, war and Jihad. They are no doubt watching Hillary and her demands, and Barack with his obsequious appeasement with great interest. They understand them both – Clinton is power hungry and Barack is weak. Either, of them the dictators could work with.

For the good of the country, let’s hope that whoever the Democrats ultimately put forward gets beaten by McCain. At least with him at the helm our country will be protected and the tyrants will be kept in check.

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